Nestled in the hills of the Basque hinterland, overlooking an exceptional panorama,
experience perfect peace at a location unlike any other at Belzunce, in the midst of unspoilt countryside.
Enjoy a genuine change of scenery in the Basque Country, in a place untouched by tourism and where time stands still.

The term jauregia [jaoʁegia] refers to a fortified Basque house belonging to a rural nobleman. It is a Frankish word inspired by the Basque language: jauregi, derived from jaun (lord) with the suffix –egi (place).


Here, on the rounded crest of a hill, stands Belzunce’s Jauregia, a 14th century mansion.
This location, only slightly removed from the Basque coast, is home to a mild climate, and a gentler pace of life, a real antidote to the hustle and bustle of the city.


Belzunce offers you the option of booking the entire property or part of it privately to suit your event, whether it’s a grand wedding in the heart of the Basque Country, an elegant seminar in the countryside, or a film or photo shoot in a natural setting…


Belzunce is the place you’ve been dreaming of… Recharge your batteries, unwind and simply live in the moment for a time. A breath of fresh air for the body and mind.
Come and spend a romantic weekend, a simple family holiday or a personal retreat in a timeless environment.