Here, on the rounded crest of a hill, stands Belzunce’s Jauregia,
a 14th century mansion.

Initially the residence of lords and viscounts, the charms of this little slice of paradise did not escape the attention of the Belzunce family, a family of noble descent from Navarre, who settled here in 1600.
They remained the owners for nearly three hundred years, during which time seven generations succeeded one another.
This flourishing family history left an indelible mark on the demesne that now bears its name in tribute.

Ever since, this gorgeous hilltop residence has echoed with all the glories of yesteryear, while retaining a certain joy in receiving guests and helping them appreciate the beauty of the surrounding countryside.

Today, this elegant property, guarded by a majestic hundred-year-old oak tree, has taken on a new lease of life and has rediscovered its family spirit through a perceptible air of refinement and welcoming cheer.

As one season gives way to another, you can relax by the fire or by the pool and enjoy the spellbinding countryside surrounding you on all sides. The residence combines vast outdoor and indoor spaces with all the mod cons, an exceptional view and an otherwordly aura of peace. Soothing materials and exquisite colours predominate. Belzunce has all the welcoming warmth of a family seat, ideal for getting together with family or friends and enjoying an experience that feels like home.

Belzunce is a unique residence, steeped in history and authenticity, ready to welcome you for a one-of-a-kind experience.